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Cable Ties, Fasteners / Screws, and Wire Forms
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Wire Products
Orders can be taken by phone, fax, email, or via our contact form. Ensure all pertinent information is included in your order. All items in stock will be shipped the next day. Return shipment is to be paid by customer. If product is defective, call us immediately. For more information on the products and pricing, email us.
Here at ClearCo Fasteners, we manufacture and distribute a full line of standard and custom wire forms including but not limited to sod staples, "S" hooks, wire rings, straightened wire, and custom wire products. Click on each pic and pdf for more information.

Email or use the form below for quotes, samples, or information on products. Packaging services.
Sod Staples:
Length: 4" - 8:
Width: 1"
Gauge: 8 - 11
Sod Staples
Sod Staples
"S" Hooks
Paint Booth Hooks
Powdercoating hooks
S Hooks
Wire Rings:
Septic lids
Manhole covers
Crafts, etc.
Custom Wire Forms:
Specializing in larger
quantities of smaller
Custom Wire Forms
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Wire Products - Click to Enlarge
Wire Products - Click to Enlarge
Straightened Wire:
.040 to .437 diameter

Straightened Wire
Send Us a drawing with all specifications included or send us a sample of your product and we will be happy to quote a price.